Q: Do I need to be a teen to submit?

A: We accept submissions from anyone over 13 years of age. If you are over 19, your submission must fall into the young adult genre, and it will be considered for publication in the Branches category.

Q: Is there a fee to submit?

A: Writers and teenagers are two groups of people that are often tight on funds – especially when they overlap! We do not charge for submission.

Q: Is there a monetary prize for selected writings?

A: Because we do not charge for submissions, we are unable to offer monetary compensation to our writers. Writers whose work is selected will receive the chance to purchase heavily discounted copies of the print edition in which their work appears.

Q: When will my work be published?

A: We are currently reading for the Spring 2018 issue. Any submissions received after this issue is filled will be considered for the following issue.

Q: What rights does FFTT acquire?

A: We acquire First North American Serial Rights. All other rights remain with the author.

Q: What is the Branches category?

A: In each issue of FFTT we will feature no more than three works by writers who are over the age of 19. These pieces must fall into the young adult genre.