No. 2 – Contributors

Work from the following authors will be included in Forest for the Trees No. 2, coming soon!



Sarah Ang, 17, is a student residing in the city-state of Singapore. A professional daydreamer, she often spends time staring off into the distance at nothing in particular. For her, writing is a way to transcribe these reveries into rational thought. Her work has been featured in publications such as Litro Magazine, The Claremont Review, Page & Spine, Cultured Vultures and the Dangerous Women Project by the University of Edinburgh.

Elissa Blake, 18, recently graduated from University Laboratory High School in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. This fall she will be a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis, where she is a member of the Howard Nemerov Writing Scholars program. She has published several pieces in Moledro Magazine, The Round, Navigating the Maze, and Polyphony H.S., and maintains a blog at She plans to continue writing throughout college and beyond, provided that the vast abyss of adulthood is merciful.

Since Mackenzie Dwyer could read, she’s known a longing to make a mark on literature. But another landmark decision of hers was to drop out of marksmanship Junior Olympics qualifying rounds to go earn her black belt and a concussion. At her current age of sixteen, her work has garnered regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognition along with recent acceptances in Ink in Thirds Magazine, Picaroon Poetry, Les Rêves des Notre Ours, and The Broken City.

Joseph Felkers is a pushcart nominated poet whose work has been recognized by Princeton University, and appears in decomP, Juked, SOFTBLOW, and Rust + Moth, among others. He reads for Adroit, edits for Polyphony HS, and lives in West Michigan—for now.

Abbie Guard, 17, lives with her family and many pets in Burlington, KY.  When not writing, she loves to do theater, read (especially the classics), and go backpacking.  Her first novel, Red, was published in 2015, and she is an alum of the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts Creative Writing class of 2016.

Ayana Harscoet, 17, is a nature nerd who loves taking her inspiration from the outdoors. When she isn’t becoming one with the trees, you can find her singing with her choir, reading, or spending quality time with her cats. She currently resides in suburban Bellevue, Washington, where she can fulfill her needs for both beautiful views and a library within walking distance.

Rachel Herman, 18, is from New York.

Lindsey Hobart, 19, is a bunny enthusiast from a tiny town in Upstate New York. If she isn’t singing in the shower, she can be found in a seedy hipster cafe reading Bukowski and yelling about capitalism.

Caitlyn Jacobs, 17, is a writer from Clinton, Iowa; a place filled with factories and corn fields. Her genre of choice is poetry, much of which is inspired by her surroundings. This is her first publication. Caitlyn can often be found reading when she should be studying and putting way too much cream in her coffee.

Betsy Jenifer, 17, is from a rinky-dink town called Vellore in south India. She is tall, lanky and obsessive. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Polyphony H.S, Quail bell, The Tishman review, Page &Spine and The daphne review, among others.

Alayna Johnosn, 17, lives in Minneapolis, MN where she spends time volunteering at the local animal shelter, practicing martial arts, and learning about science. In fact, she plans on studying physics in college. Sometimes, though, she turns to creative pursuits like writing to cope with emotions that even science cannot explain.

Jenna Kurtzweil, 19, hails from Palatine, IL.  Along with her responsibilities as a student at the University of Illinois, Jenna is always looking for new opportunities to experience life through travel, literature, music, and all forms of storytelling.  Jenna has also been published in Blue Marble Review.

Rachel Lietzow, 19, is a sophomore from Kentucky, attending the University of Kentucky. Though a Chinese and International Economics major, she also enjoys writing and playing musical instruments. Ever since elementary school, creative writing has been Rachel’s medium of emotional expression. She has been published in a few other literary magazines, such as Brainchild.

Jayne Mai, 17, is a rising senior from Lake Forest, Illinois, with a passion for writing, economics, and politics.  In addition to leading her school’s debate and Future Problem Solving teams, she’s a tennis player, literary magazine Editor-in-Chief, and avid baker.  She has won several writing awards at the national and regional levels including a Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Medal.

Naqiya Motiwalla, 17, is a senior in high school from the Boston area. She loves Holden Caufield, jazz, and pastel. Her work also appears in the Marble Collection.

Abigail Oliver, 18, is a first year student at Mount Holyoke College from Hamilton, NJ. She currently plans to study history and pre-law, and has been published in Aspirations, Caelestis, and Moneta Literary Magazines. Abby would like to thank her family, particularly her sister and cats, for their constant (and usually involuntary) inspiration.

Julia Pope is a junior at The Pingree School in Massachusetts. Pope’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Daphne Review, Moledro Magazine, Straylight Magazine, and Teen Ink among others. She received first place in the Kubla Khan World’s Poetry Competition, and has received gold keys from the national Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. In addition, Pope is an intern editor for E&GJ Little Press and a staff editor for Pegasus (The Pingree School literary magazine).

Sydney Sargis, 18, is a sarcastic rugby player currently residing in a van down by the river. Born and raised in Chicago, she plans on attending Columbia College of Chicago in the fall to double major in Poetry and Arts Management. Her interests include co-editing for Teenage Wasteland Review, writing poetry, listening to records, and eating- a lot.

Bailey Share Aizic, 17, is a writer, student, and Oxford comma enthusiast based in Los Angeles. She works on the editorial board of Wizards in Space Magazine, a new-ish litmag by and for offbeat writers, and performs improv comedy in her (scant) spare time. Read her work in Noctua Review, Rogue Agent Journal, and Right Hand Pointing Magazine, and read her mind @sortabailey.

Jazmine Thompson, 17, is a poet who lives for creativity and pickles.

Nicole Tota, 17, is a senior at Cherokee High School in Marlton, NJ. She will be attending Rowan University in the fall as an English major. When not writing, she enjoys reading classics, a good cup of tea, and crocheting. You can find her work in Teen Ink and Skipping Stones, among others, and she is a Scholastic Art and Writing Awards winner, as well as a 2016 Youth Honor Award recipient.

Drew Weisserman, 14, is a sophomore at Milken Community High School. He is fairly new to the writing world and has never gotten a poem published before – but he hopes to start!


Lauren Mead is a recent graduate of The Humber School For Writers where she completed her first novel “SPIRITED!”  She is from Orangeville, ON. In her spare time, she writes book reviews at and reads voraciously.

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