No. 1 – Contributors

Work from the following contributors will be featured in FFTT No. 1, available April 15th!


T. Aliano, 18, is a recent graduate from Las Vegas. When not writing, he can usually be found reading, blogging, or debating politics. He divides his time between Nevada, Austria, and Vermont, where he attends Middlebury College. This is his first publication.

Olivia Caldwell, 17, attends Holliston High School in Massachusetts. This past summer she attended a creative writing residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Olivia enjoys cats, coffee, bands, and bad puns. She can be found on tumblr as loserwritespoetry.

Victoria Drake, 18, is from Chesterfield, VA. She is honored to be a part of the first volume of Forest for the Trees. Writing is an important part of her life and through each of her poems she hopes to bring a sense of reality, inner thoughts, and a way to reach the truth in us all.

Farah Ghafoor, 15, is a poet and a co-founder/editor at Sugar Rascals. She grew up in Fredericton, Canada, and believes that she deserves a cat and expensive perfumes. Her work is published or forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly, alien mouth, Really System, Moonsick and elsewhere. Find her online at

Laura Ingram, 18, is a tiny girl with large glasses. From Disputanta, Virginia, she has been published nationally and internationally in Gravel Magazine, The Crucible, The Cactus Heart Review, and around a dozen other journals. She enjoys most books and all cats.

Seb Needham, 16, is a British student from Oxford. He currently lives in Florida and is attending a high school there as a junior. He enjoys watching an unhealthy amount of Buzzfeed videos, sleeping, and traveling. He has very recently found a passion for English, and he hopes to share it.

Rachel Thorn, 18, is a writer from Auburn, Washington.  Her typical genre is fictional short and long prose, but she is branching out into poetry.  She is inspired by nature, cats, and things found along the side of the road.

Emily Wang, 17, lives in New Haven, CT. She is a Scholastics Art and Writing Contest winner and a YoungArts Merit Winner with publications in numerous magazines. Her anthology, I’m Fine, came out with Vintage Contemporaries in September. You can follow her blog at

Samantha Wu-Georges, 17, lives in Seattle, Washington.  She began writing poetry in 2015 and finds it challenging and rewarding.  She’s passionate about global health policy, international relations, and key lime pie.

Nusrat Zeba, 19, is a poet who was born in Bangladesh and currently lives in New York City. She was published by Creative Communication and Canvas Literary Journal. Nusrat’s dream is to save lives through words and she aspires to become a writer.



Kristen O’Neal is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis who just turned twenty-two years old (which she’ll deal with, even though she doesn’t particularly like even numbers). From Dallas and now in New York, she’s in a bit of a liminal life space, but – as Remy knows – there’s something to be found beyond every terrifying thing.  You can find her work in Lunch Ticket, the Broadkill Review, Relevant Magazine, and Breakpoint, and you can find her at (or @Kristen_ONeal).

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